Brand Development and Positioning
We've been helping clients uncover the reasons for their brand for decades. We offer a winning brand development process that is collaborative, intuitive and fun - yielding brands that are genuine, ownable and unique.

Brands are like people. They have a certain appearance and style. They speak in a certain tone of voice. And, they act a certain way. They all have a tale to tell. These outward expressions project internal values and invite judgment from those who encounter them. People (customers, investors, regulators and other audiences) find these traits appealing or not so, and instinctively determine whether they will instigate or pursue a relationship beyond first impression. Like people, brands have personalities. Friendly or unapproachable, trusting or skeptical, intelligent or uncaring, these qualities are evident when customers experience the brand.

A brand is infinitely more than a logo design – it’s a bridge of relevance from an organization to an audience. The qualities necessary for a brand to succeed are the same as those necessary for a person to succeed. They must have a clear sense of who they are. They need to know which unique promise they have to offer. And they need a definable, concrete goal to strive toward.

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