Creative Strategy and Design
“It’s not about what WE want. It’s about what is right.”

Coordinates laid in. The creative goal is to develop ideas that propel our clients to their definition of success. Our true love is in delivering creative communications solutions to challenging opportunities. As a core service area, our creative expertise and skill sets help our clients build, increase and leverage brand awareness, drive customer acquisition and maximize customer retention. Our creative team includes award-winning art directors, graphic designers, interactive designers and a very busy production manager. Together they have decades of combined experience in concept development, design and production throughout a wide range of creative applications including: branding, advertising, corporate collateral, communications layout, graphic design, interactive design and product packaging. Every bit as solid as our strategic thinking, our creative services are all-encompassing – from initial concepts through execution in any medium: print, online, environmental, tradeshows, broadcast, TV, video and radio.

That’s an inside joke that we share often. We laugh, not just because it sounds like a pontificating windbag said it, but because it speaks to the subjective nature of creative and the need for clear and concise goals at the onset of every project. But, we also cringe, knowing that much is created in this arena to subjectively satisfy what someone thinks they want. A frustrated junior once asked us to “just tell me what you want.” And that was our response. “What is right” is what hits the right triggers to elicit the right response from the right targets. “What is right” requires us to suspend our personal biases and create as though we were the targets we were creating for. To start that ball rolling, solid creative can only come from a solid creative brief. As the Make Something out of Nothing Company, we’re very good at writing them. We would be delighted to help you with yours.

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